Transforming organisation change through visionary leadership.

Andrew Sissons

Mentor Coach
Keynote Speaker
Leadership Instructor
Former Commander

Unlock leadership potential to optimise your team


my simple win-win* framework allows leaders to make critical decisions under pressure.

WIN - What’s Important Now, WIN - What’s Important Next. ™


Performance analysis, strategic thinking, leadership optimisation & team mindset for goal driven coaches, athletes, sports groups.


Problem response mentoring, strategic opportunity development, & leadership optimisation for high performers, executives, professional groups.


Risk mitigation, tactical planning, capability planning, leadership development, professional mentoring for government executives, & workers.

Key Areas of Expertise include:

Inspirational leadership to create a culture of excellence in High Performance teams.

Precision decision making under pressure and in complex and dynamic environments.

Leading teams to ideate and actuate change management in significant national projects.

I am a highly skilled, vastly experienced Tactical Commander and a visionary leader of high performance teams, having lead numerous teams into over 1500 of New Zealand’s highest risk domestic situations, including numerous overseas operations, over the last 30 years with a depth and breadth of leadership which is unparalleled.

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