Unique perspectives and bespoke offerings


Remove obstacles for optimal results

Empowering leaders to observe and strategise, removing obstacles to improve a team's efficiency and optimise results.

Unique perspectives and bespoke offerings


Calm and decisive under pressure

Helping leaders to develop balanced yet decisive leadership under pressure, for optimal function in difficult situations.

Unique perspectives and bespoke offerings


Promote humility and self reflection

Encouraging humility in leaders, by promoting openness, transparency, and accuracy allows a team to improve their delivery.

Unique perspectives and bespoke offerings


Mitigate risk for optimal outcomes

Working with leaders through identifying potential and actual risks that could come about through following a particular path.


Over three decades of expertise

Senior Consultant - Andrew (Wylie) Sissons is a Tactical Commander and Visionary Leader of high performance teams. Andrew has an unparalleled depth of experience having led numerous teams into over 1500 of New Zealand’s highest risk domestic situations and numerous overseas operations over a 30 year career.

High risk deployments such as hostage rescues, sieges, firearms incidents, supporting homicide and organised crime investigations, VIP protection operations (overt and covert) for guests of business and government: royalty, prime ministers, presidents, and high profile sportspeople.

NZ Policing as Armed Offenders Squad, Public Service Teams and Special Tactics Group Operator

A period of high intensity skill set development, developing and executing plans with a focus on effective tactical operations, communication with a broad range of people in a calm, measured manner to encourage team confidence, regardless of the environment, working independently/interdependently with other team members in highly challenging and volatile situations.

Frontline Officer, Police NZ
Regional Armed Offenders Squad, WGTN
National Special Tactics Groups
1999 - 2001
Deployments: APEC Forum AKL / Olympic Games SYD / East Timor
NZ Policing Tactical Security Team Leader

A period of high risk deployments and tactical operations, team leadership and capability focused training/specialist skill development for individuals and teams performing in challenging circumstances for effective resolution of high risk/high profile situations. Development and management of courses for NZ Tactical Teams to ensure they remain world leading.

Deployment: NZ Response Team Leader, Solomon Islands
Sergeant, Police WGTN
Special Tactics Group Team Leader
Security Team Leader, Commonwealth Games AU / Senior Sergeant, WGTN Central
National Tactical Coordinator, Police National HQ WGTN
NZ Policing Inspector Tactical Commander

Leading teams in complex, dynamic pre-planned and emergency operational environments, leading H&S principles and processes, monitoring international/local trends relating to critical incidents requiring a safe resolution, utilising agency learnings in critical response training, for future capability and ongoing development of tactical teams. Strategic approach to risk mitigation/managing the deployment of limited resources. Instructing on Leadership and Command State at National and Australasian command courses.

2010 - 2019
Inspector Tactical Commander, AKL
Commander NZ Police

Strategic and operational leadership delivering enhanced operational capability through an invigorated approach. Presenting initiatives through formal governance mechanisms to secure funding and delivery for operational capability. Effective leadership of National groups through significant events, while balancing finance and asset delivery, and maintaining interagency communications/coordination to fulfil partner expectations.Leader mentoring, individual/organisational expectation reset, risk matrix leadership/workgroup planning to enable transparency and ownership. Identifying operational capability gaps and case building for effective, safe policing. Developing and delivering the largest review of Police frontline safety including an end-to-end tactical response model to better support Police and community safety. Supporting future development of tactical operations workgroups.

Superintendent, National Manager - Response and Operations
Superintendent, Director - Frontline Safety Improvement Program
Superintendent, Director - Police National Groups
Director, A S Consulting - Visionary leadership of high performance teams, business executives, and government.

Andrew Sissons


We rise by lifting others

After three decades of extensive professional development, my focus as a consultant is helping others experiencing leadership challenges. With core values of Humility - with conviction, Courage - to do what needs to be done in spite of fear, Perspective - in thinking time is a priority, and Evolution - through experience. A S Consulting was founded to challenge the status quo and to help redefine existing limitations through leadership development.

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