Don't deflect, reflect and debrief

Resist the urge to brush off a mistake or problem… A mistake provides a learning opportunity and the chance to correct and improve.

Deflecting or suppressing an initial error will likely take you further down the wrong track, potentially further magnifying the original challenge or problem.

It’s ok to select the wrong course of action, or make a mistake but it’s not ok to knowingly ignore that error and carry on, or worst still attempt to conceal it.

Without the ability and commitment to accurately self reflect, objectively examine the problem and your chosen course of action, you can’t evolve, improve and ultimately become a better leader.

Reflect and debrief

Instead make a decision to own mistakes, reflect and further appreciate what good should look like. As soon as possible acknowledge what has occurred, identify a better approach and take this improved course of action.

If time allows gather your team for a debrief. In an open and honest way discuss what has occurred, what worked and what didn’t and agree where you can collectively improve for a better outcome, now and into the future.

Habitulising individual and collective team reflection and conducting open, honest and healthy debriefs will put you on the right track to individual and collective team improvement.

Owning and correcting your mistakes will ultimately lead you to success, additionally it demonstrates humility and role models good leadership to your teams. A win win.

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