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Empowering Leadership

It's not just about assigning tasks or setting goals; effective leadership involves placing the right people in the right roles, empowering them with clear guidelines, and fostering an environment where they can lead confidently, knowing their decisions will be supported.

Communication and collaboration: indispensable assets in achieving success.

A reflection on the importance of communication and collaboration building successful performances and unbeatable teams.

The Debrief: An Opportunity in Disguise

Often underestimated, a team debrief stands as an invaluable platform for driving collective growth and strengthening connectivity and performance within a team.

#1107 High-Level Problem Solving - Andrew Sissons

On Saturday I had the privilege of speaking on one of my favourite podcasts The You Project to the inspirational and highly entertaining Craig Harper

What makes a High Performance Individual or Team

What’s the difference between highly performing individuals and teams, and those that fall short of achieving that title”?The short answer is that it’s complicated, because it’s multi-layered

Leadership in adversity – Moving forward in spite of challenges

There are times when life and leadership can feel like a grind, and if, like most of the country you’ve been affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, now might feel like one of those times.

The impact of a communication void following a crisis

In the past week Auckland has seen a crisis unfold in real time, under the guidance of what has widely been described as an absence of leadership.

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